As a culture, we use photography to preserve our past. The act of photographing a moment to keep it alive is futile, as the medium does not have the means to outlast us. Physical objects deteriorate; digital files disappear. Memory has the same impermanence as photographs. It crumbles; it collapses. In some instances, minute details are changed every time the recollection is revisited. In others cases, the moment blurs until it disappears from the mind altogether.

You Already Forgot examines the flexible and ephemeral quality of memory through deconstructing found photographs. These images act as a canvas that allows the stories of an unknown past to be individually interpreted by the viewer. Each time You Already Forgot is displayed, the photographs alter slightly, mimicking the change and degeneration of human recollection over time.

The string represents entanglements caused by the relationship between past and present, as well as memory and loss. The images woven in the string become visual depictions of moments of time.  These temporary walls create an environment large enough for one person to enter, allowing viewers to interact with the work on an individual basis.

Medium: Four wood frames 6 x 3 feet each, found photographs and yarn